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Food supplement contract manufacturer

Our formulas adapted to your market

Private labelling formula

Lustrel Laboratoires offers a wide choice of “standard formulas” (capsules, tablets, jars of royal jelly, glass vials, sprays, syrups, etc..) developed by our R&D department and corresponding to the different market segments

Your project, our expertise

Lustrel Laboratoires is a food supplement manufacturer. We offer you a personal support and a team that assists you until the commercialization of your product

  • Validation of formulas and trials
  • Regulatory validation of labelling
  • Help in writing registration files (France and Export)
  • Health claims and directions for use
  • Choice of a standard formula
  • Production
  • Personalized packaging
  • Technical support
  • Your product

A large choice of standard formulas

Relaxation - Anti-stress - Sleep

  • 4176 Serenity: soothes the spirit and encourages sleep.
  • 350AB Organic Rhodiola: helps the organism to adapt to stress.
  • 4320 Sleep: helps to sleep.

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Vision & memory

  • 1750 Ginkgo – Ginseng: contributes to a good mental balance and boost brain performances

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Intimate comfort

  • 782 Méno Femme: helps women to better support indicators in relation with menopause.
  • 688 Prostazen: participates in the urinary comfort for men.
  • 549AB Organic Cranberry: improves urinary comfort for both women and men.

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Couple's Harmony

  • 735AB Organic Maca: increases fertility and sexual vigor.

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  • 4248 Pregnancy: contributes to the growth of maternal tissues and normal bone development for children.

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Beauty - Slimming - Hair

  • 536 Collactive Q10: participates in the good health of the skin and slows down the aging process.
  • 718 Hair: restores strength, shine and vitality of the hair.
  • 0400187 Slimming 3-in-1: acts on thermogenesis, excess water, appetite control and contributes to the elimination of localized fats.

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Circulation and heart health

  • 717 Circul’action: relieves tired and heavy legs.
  • 715 Oméga 3 & OPC: contribute to cardiovascular well-being.

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Detox - Digestion

  • 20511AB Organic Chlorella: contributes to the organism vitality and supports the immune system.
  • 781 Transidigest: improves digestion and elimination.
  • 2240 Lactic ferments – Probiotics: help balance intestinal flora and ensure intestinal comfort.

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Vitality - Tonus

  • 2216AB Organic Red Ginseng: prevents tiredness and invigorates the body.
  • 20512AB Organic Spirulina: improves energy and vitality.
  • 4319 Energy: increase tonus and vitality.
  • 2232 Multivitamins and minerals: ensures energy and vitality.

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Winter and natural defenses

  • 825AB Organic Propolis: stimulates the natural defenses of the organism.
  • 586AB Lyophilized Royal jelly – Pollen: help to strengthen immunity.
  • 1012 Honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly: promotes the body’s defense mechanism.

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Joints and bone structure

  • 807AB Organic Delil’s Claw: participates in joints well-being, ensures flexibility and mobility.
  • 868 Cartiprotect: helps maintain flexibility of joints and protect conjunctive tissues.

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Bee products

  • 3952AB 10gr Organic Royal jelly jar: stimulates natural defenses and helps to regain form and vitality.
  • 3053AB 25gr Organic Royal jelly jar: stimulates natural defenses and helps to regain form and vitality.
  • 3006AB 125gr Honey and Royal jelly jar: stimulates natural defenses and helps to regain form and vitality.
  • 3550 15 ml Green Propolis Spray: stimulates the body’s immune defenses.

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We provide minimum order quantities (MOQ) compatible with realistic start-up projects for our customers:

  • Finished product in pill jar: 250 units*
  • Finished product in blister + box: 1 000 units*
  • Royal jelly in jar: 100 units*
  • Bulk capsules: 10 000 units*
  • Bulk tablets: 20 000 units*
    *Units per reference
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