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Type des açonnages
Contract manufacturing types

Our various forms of production

2 galenic forms

Contract manufacturing types

Dry product manufacturing

Contract manufacturing types

Semi-liquid product manufacturing

Dry products

The expertise of our teams and the use of different filling technologies (compression or stuffing) allow us to package all types of powder, conventional or organic:

  • Plant powder or extracts
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Seafood, charcoal, beehive products
  • Other substances for nutritional or physiological purposes


We have 6 capsule-filling machines (semi-automatic and automatic):

  • 2 automatic machines with a production speed of
    100 000 capsules / hour for large runs
  • 3 automatic machines with a production speed of
    40 000 capsules/ hour for medium runs
  • 1 semi-automatic machine with a production speed of
    10 000 capsules / hour for small runs

530 million

capsules per year



We have 2 tableting machines (semi-automatic and automatic):

  • 1 semi-automatic machine with a production speed of
    10 000 tablets / hour for small runs
  • 1 automatic machine with a production speed of
    100 000 tablets / hour for large runs

240 million

tablets per year

Tailles comprimés

Semi-liquid form

As a royal jelly specialist, Lustrel Laboratoires guarantees optimum quality: partner suppliers for many years, traceability from the beekeeper controlled upon delivery by independent and certified laboratories.


in Europe for royal jelly

17 tonnes

of packaging capacity per year

Façonnage semi-liquide

Our assets for optimal conservation of jelly:

  • Lustrel has 5 cold rooms allowing it to store royal jelly (as well as other sensitive ingredients) at a temperature of 4° C. This is the essential condition to have a royal jelly retaining all its nutraceutical qualities.
  • Packaging in a modified atmosphere (nitrogen blanketing allowing better protection of our royal jelly) with a tamper-proof capsule to guarantee sealing
  • Product protection with an isotherm packaging

Complementary range:

  • Honey preparation: propolis, royal jelly, essential oils ..
  • Vials: mixture based on royal jelly and other beekeeping products (customizable from 50,000 bulbs)
  • Sprays: propolis, melatonin…
  • Bottles: syrup, drainers… (from 150 units)
  • Uni doses (from 30000 units)
  • Health candies, lozenges, gums…
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