En-tête Conditionnement
Packaging choices

A variety of options

A large packaging choices

We offer a wide choice of packaging adapted to the different galenic forms.

Pill boxes

for capsules, tablets, softgel, powders or granules

  • A large range of colours and materials
  • Automatic clip-on or screw capping
  • Cases
  • Commercial lots bundles and POS display
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Conditionnement Piluliers

Blisters and cases

for capsules and tablets

  • Blister of 10.15 and 20 cells
  • Packing of 1 to 8 blisters (possibility to include leaflet)
  • Possibility to combine 2 different formulas in the same case (phase 1 / phase 2 formula)
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Conditionnement Blister

Capsules and tablets bulk

powders and plants

  • Vacuum packaging of powders
  • Grinding and crushing of whole plants
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Type des açonnages


for powders, granules, honey and royal jelly

  • Capacity of 50 ml and more for powders and granules
  • Capacity of 10 grams and more for royal jelly
  • Capacity of 40 grams and more for honey
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Pots pour conditonnement
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