Our production capability and know-how are constantly upgraded to ensure flexibility, responsiveness and efficiency.

The diversity of our capsule filing machines or tableting machines enable us to comply with your needs:
         - Semi-automatic machines for small runs and/or pilot runs.
         - Machines with different outputs for production runs.


Our expertise in different filling modes (compression metering and leveling off) allows us to fill in capsules with every types of powder:
- Plant powder
- Vitamins and mineral
- Marine ingredients, bee products, coal...
- Other substances wtih nutritional or physiologic properties.

A wide range of capsules:                                                      
- Sizes: T1, T0, T00, T000
- Colors: various colors
- Diverse origins: vegetal, animal or fish origin capsules shell

Our equipments allow the use of:
- A wide range of powders
- Size: flat, round, divisible, oblong-shape tablets, convex...from diameters 7 to 22 mm

Conventional or organic versions

Find our standard range in capsules or tablets: Private labeling

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