Our production unit includes a workshop dedicated to the formulation and to the packaging of pasty products:

Royal jelly
Our assets for royal jelly's properties optimum preservations:
- Packaging under a modified atmosphere plus a safety cap.
- ISO box for a better protection of the jars.

- Broad range of glass jars (white or brown): from 10 to 100 g.
- Packaging with carton or round ISO boxes under your trademark.
- Airless pouch dispenser: a modern and practical packaging with precise dosage (1 pression = 1 gram).

Honey preparations
We offer developing customized honey based formulations, combined with a selection of active ingredients: royal jelly, pollen, propolis, ginseng, essential oils or any other plant or extracts.

- Glass jar from 40 g
- Various caps
Brown or brazilian green propolis
Development of specific formulations based on our propolis alcoholic or aqueous extracts: syrup, elixir...in spray or bottle. 
Packaging under vacuum, glass or plastic jars with labeling under your trademark.

Find our standard range for "Bee products": Private labeling

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